using samlauth with drupal 10 page says about drupal 10 sso.
Drupal 10 includes Symfony 6. The SimpleSAMLphp library is not currently compatible with Symfony 6 unless you use the dev-master branch. There is a new simplesamlphp_auth branch (4.x) that you can use if you require a compatibility workaround. Note that this workaround requires you to use dev versions at your own risk.

Can we consider using samlauth module instead.

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Welcome to the community! I shared this with our wonderful customer support team yesterday when I came across this. Tom, one of our Customer Success Managers spoke with someone from your team yesterday around this. But if you are still bumping into issues, please let me know and I will see what we can do here to better support you & the team!

Thanks for sharing this feedback in the meantime :star2: